Working Capital Loan


Fast Cash for Your Business Needs

 Are you looking for more flexibility and control over the cost of your loan? 

Need cash for 6 to 18 months, not multiple years?

 Are you unsure about exactly how much you need or when you'll need it? 

What is a Working Capital Loan?


Working capital is required by every business to pay its various operating expenses. Such business expenses would include but not be limited to taxes, payroll, workman’s comp, vendors and other overhead for its day-to-day operations.

Even an otherwise strong business can be short on working capital due to their customers’ slow invoice payments. For those business owners, a working capital loan can be a life-saver.

In other cases, businesses may have the opportunity to grow, perhaps by upgrading facilities, expanding employee training, repairing or replacing under-performing equipment, etc. Those situations require cash that may not be sitting in your bank account. A working capital loan lets you achieve those improvements and cover the cost over time.

At Bankit Capital all of our working capital financing options are fast and simple. You can get an approval within hours and receive funds within days. We have a variety of lending programs to meet your business needs. Small business working capital loans can be the perfect solution!



Easy Loan Process


  • Minimum $120k revenue over past 12 months

  • Imperfect or damaged credit? Give us a try

  • One page application

  • Fast approval process (within hours)

  • Very high approval rates

  • Small manageable daily payments

  • Loan proceeds used for any purposes